Kidder County School

Thirteen years ago, Kidder County School District was created out of a reorganization plan. Through reorganization in 2007, it combined the schools of Steele, Dawson, Tappen, Tuttle, Driscoll, and Pettibone into one district. Within the last five years, the Robinson School District has since been added as well. The Kidder County School District is located in central North Dakota off of I-94, 40 miles east of Bismarck and 60 miles west of Jamestown. It has about 350 students enrolled in kindergarten through grade 12 and has been growing the last couple of years.

Kidder Count Rick Diegel and Dale Pahlke

Rick Diegel, Superintendent of the Kidder County School District, states that the school’s gymnasium was in major need of repairs. The wooden floor was from 1961 built into the original structure. “It was very old, there were a lot of dead spots, it was very slippery. It was impossible to keep a finish on it and it just became a floor that wasn’t safe to be utilizing,” says Diegel. Looking to upgrade the floor for physical education classes as well as athletic programs, the school paid for the new wood floor. Since the entire gymnasium was the most utilized classroom in the building, they were hoping to make more improvements than that without affecting the tax payers.

In the summer of 2019, Diegel had contacted Dakota Community Bank & Trust (DCB&T), “because they are just tremendous about helping out in the community and these types of projects.” Being interested right away, DCB&T immediately placed a bid on the sponsorship of the gym’s scoreboards. “With a generous donation, we ended up with two state-of-the-art scoreboards that we now have as part of our gym renovation project,” boasts Diegel. Diegel closes by saying that DCBT’s support verifies how community focused they really are. “Dakota Community Bank & Trust is really community oriented. They are looking to help out communities and projects where they can.”

Kidder County School DCB&T Scoreboard

Through further advertising and donations, the school was able to create an updated space that both the community and school is proud of. Additional updates have included a sound system and lighting as well. “The kids are proud of it. It is such an improvement from what we had. From both the kids and the community, there is just pride that they now have in that facility,” says Diegel. The gym fills a void for many of the school and community needs – from physical education classes, concerts, one act plays and other plays, music programs, community meetings, athletics, and much more.

 “We have a great school. We can combine the small school, small town atmosphere with a lot of different programs that you may not get in other schools. For example, we offer ag education, technology education, and family and consumer science, which we are very proud of. The future of Kidder County School is very bright,” concludes Diegel.   

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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