See all you can do with online banking’s Bill Pay feature. It’s time to get organized, and Dakota Community Bank & trust is here to help. When you receive and pay your bills with our online Bill Pay service, you can see when they’re due and control when they’re paid. One website, one password. Now that’s organized.

One place to pay all your bills. So much of your life happens online. Why not save time and pay all of your bills online, too? It’s safer, easier, and more convenient as it can be automated according to a schedule you set! Stay on schedule so you can stay on top of everything else.

With Dakota Community Bank & Trust’s online Bill Pay, you get:

  • Organization – manage all your bills and payments from one convenient location
  • Control – pay what you’d like, when you like, unlike auto-debit
  • Convenience – pay anyone who you normally pay by check

Log in to our online banking account to get started today.