Cyber Security Tips & Reminders

Anti-Virus Software

Cyber security
  • Keep your software current by having the latest security software, web browser, and operating system in place. This will help decrease the chance of a virus, malware or any other online threats.
  • Set up automatic software updates on all of your devices. (Computers, Smart phones or any other web-enabled device)


  • Your password should be long and strong and contain at least 3 of the following: upper-case letter, lower-case letter, number, and symbol. Longer passwords are more secure than shorter ones because there are more characters to guess.
  • Do not share your password.
  • Choose a strong password that is unique to your life and not something that can be easily guessed.
  • Avoid using words that can be found in the dictionary, and consider using paraphrases. (Example: This passwd is 4 my Email)
  • Use a different password for each online account.
  • Change your password several times a year.
  • Protect your password. If you write it down do not leave it out in the open, make sure it’s in a secure location.

Cyber Security Questions

  • Do not share the answers to your security questions.
  • Choose strong questions that are unique to your life and not questions that can be easily answered.
  • Change your security questions several times a year.

Online banking tools:

  • Account Alerts
    • SecureAlerts can be set up through Online Banking and our mobile app. You have the option to set up multiple alerts using various delivery channels including email, secure messaging, text message and mobile app push notifications.
  • Log In Tracker
    • The tracker will display the last time that you logged into your Online Banking account. If the information in the tracker is not correct please contact us.

Additional Learning

To learn more about cyber and information security topics view our Training, Education and Awareness Module (TEAM).

Cyber security is one of our top priorities for our customers. Please remember if you ever feel your account has been compromised, or if you come across unauthorized access or activity, notify the bank immediately.