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Jerrid Soupir has been a Glen Ullin Park District board member for 16 years. During that time, the Legion was helping with baseball program and the park district was overseeing the town’s parks and golf course. Over the years, they have added playgrounds and playground equipment to the community as well as updated electrical, water and sewer at the town’s park for better camping accessibility. The park district has also added an archery range. More recently, Soupir and the park board are working together with North Dakota Parks and Recreation to add some recreational tracks for motorcycle and ATV use.


Soupir mentions that the Glen Ullin Park District tries not to depend too much on community donations to function as they receive some property tax dollars. However, there have been times when that extra community support has assisted them through various special events and functions.

As the park continued to be updated with more amenities, one of those extra projects came in the form of adding WIFI to the Glen Ullin Memorial Campground at its peak occupancy in 2016. Dakota Community Bank & Trust (DCB&T) spearheaded the entire program by adding hotspots to the entire campground. “Now sitting out in your camper, you can get on the internet. Not only did you help sponsor the WIFI, but you also helped to set everything up,” reveals Soupir. “Once we put it (the WIFI) throughout the whole campground, we had numerous people thanking us. People written letters thanking us, appreciating the services that we provide. Most of them are amazed that a small little campground has all the amenities that we provide.”

Though a very small park board, made up of five members, Soupir notes that the biggest thing for them is to keep the active baseball program going and growing. “Dakota Community Bank & Trust helped out this year with a batting cage and new helmets for all the participants. The donation was greatly appreciated and really helped the baseball program,” says Soupir. He continued, the local kids would ask when the batting cages were going to be finished and that once they were completed, he was surprised at how often it was used, not just initially, but all throughout the summer. The park board has recently added a building to the baseball diamonds for concessions and is hoping to add restrooms in the future as well to continue to improve the baseball program.

Glen Ullin Baseball-Diamond

Soupir mentions, “They (DCB&T) stay involved in the community. They are here to help the community continue to grow and thrive and to be a player in developing more opportunities in the community.”

With an influx of younger families into the community, a once stagnant baseball program is beginning to boom again, and the park board wants to capitalize on that to assist with a higher quality of life in Glen Ullin. Soupir states that there was actually enough for two teams in one age group (ages six to nine) and one team in the other age bracket (ages 10 to 12) and is excited to see more and more young people out playing ball. In the past 16 years, the Glen Ullin Park District has made many improvements to the community and hopes to continue to do so. For more information on the Glen Ullin Park District, please visit:

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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