Edgewood Village

Located in the heart of northeast Bismarck, Edgewood Village offers senior living that aimed to improve the quality of life throughout every stage of the aging process. From assisted living and independent living to short term stays, Edgewood Village also has the benefit of having on-site Therapy Services, Home Health and Hospice provided by Edgewood’s healthcare services division, CaringEdge. Their new slogan is ‘where home and healthcare meet.’


Though Edgewood Village is most widely known for their retirement living offerings, they also aim to help seniors who are no longer safe in their own home. Residents come from all across the state, many times from those communities that do not offer retirement living in their area or they already doctor in Bismarck, with the majority of their residents coming from a 70 mile radius around the Bismarck area. “We really are a center of healthcare for Bismarck and Mandan. We see a lot of folks from the rural area as well so they can be close to their doctor and/or their family,” expresses Sales and Public Relations Director Reva Kautz.

“When we were first under construction, we were hoping to be like a little town in here for our residents. Edgewood Village offers a movie theatre, coffee shop, pharmacy and hair salon. We thought it would be great to have some banking opportunities in here as well,” says Kautz. She goes on to say that while a Dakota Community Bank & Trust (DCB&T) ATM had been added right away, many times their residents wanted that personal one-on-one customer service for financial questions or concerns. From that point on, DCB&T has sent a customer service representative to Edgewood Village weekly on Thursday mornings. “Residents love that relationship and that service. Dakota Community Bank & Trust has been one of our partners that we have really appreciated to add value to our residents and even family and staff.”

Amongst that service, other things that Edgewood Village and DCB&T have partnered on include Good Neighbor Loyalty Club joint events such as bingo days, card tournaments and more. “Your Good Neighbor Club is just a small piece of meeting your customers’ needs of trips and social and fun but even the general public, even if they don’t bank with you, have seen so many benefits of your sponsorships with what you do in the community,” maintains Kautz.

DCB&T has also helped to sponsor additional events that Edgewood Village has been a part of, including efforts on the Parkinson’s Race, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Edgewood Walk the Mall 5K, and more. “There have been times we have needed bottled water and there have been times we need a sponsor, and it’s been wonderful to have a relationship with the bank to say ‘Hey, is this something you would want to support?’ Dakota Community Bank & Trust has been very generous for a lot of those different asks. They are a business that cares about people and who wants to give back to their community,” mentions Kautz.


Kautz asserts that with so many business partners from therapy to foot care specialists and even DCB&T, how wonderful it is to have those businesses come into their little village on various days throughout the week so their residents do not need to get into a car and drive to all of these various locations for their needs. “They (residents) have a day where that service is coming to them which positively influences their wellness and convenience. There is so much offered to them right down the hall from their apartment to take care of their needs. I really just see the partners that we have an affiliation with benefitting our residents’ lives in so many ways.”

Allowing their residents the opportunity to thrive is what Edgewood Village really prides itself on. Kautz notes how her favorite comments are from residents who wish they would have moved into Edgewood Village sooner; or better yet, the comments from potential residents’ adult children who say “Mom or Dad, if you aren’t moving in here, I am going to. This sounds wonderful.” She closes by stating that is such a wonderful feeling to know Edgewood Village is working to improve the lives of those in their care. Edgewood Village currently has apartments available in all sizes, so they are in search of residents who aren’t successful living at home alone any longer. To learn why you or your loved ones may want to make Edgewood Village home, visit https://www.edgewoodhealthcare.com/community/edgewood-village-in-bismarck/ or find them on Facebook.

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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