Crossroads Golf Course

The Crossroads Golf Course is a nine hole course just outside of Glen Ullin, ND. Construction of the sand greens began in 1981 after North Dakota Game & Fish and two Glen Ullin citizens came to an agreement about the use of the land in question. This uniquely designed golf course lies north of the city along the banks of the Railroad Dam and the Big Muddy Creek. Completed in 1983 by Mike Halpern and Butch Streitmatter, it has been operated mainly off of community volunteers ever since.


In the mid-1990’s, the golf course was converted to grass greens complete with a nine hole irrigation system. Board of Directors Officer Chuck Gerving recalls the membership being much higher in the 80s and 90s with the help of Glen Ullin Public School having their own golf team. “Right now, we have about 25 kids with the school system and about 30+ family members in use. Our golf team is now with New Salem but they use this course for practice a lot and have done well the last couple of years,” mentions Gerving.

Gerving, who is also the self-proclaimed maintenance technician and groundskeeper for the golf course since 1981, credits some of the success of the golf course to community support. As an annual sponsor of the golf course, Dakota Community Bank & Trust’s (DCB&T) funds help to keep the course open for the public. Gerving says, “Those dollars go into our general fund to assist with things like some kitchen remodeling from a few years back, upgrading the mowers and equipment outside, grass feed, and really wherever we need it.” He goes on to say, “I am just glad that Dakota Community Bank & Trust is there. We have resided our clubhouse, put up a new fence… wherever we see that we need to spend some money, they have helped assist.”

Crossroads-Glen Ullin

Though being ran solely off volunteers, with the help of two paid grass clippers, can seem like quite a daunting task, Gerving knows how important it is for a small community to even have a golf course. To assist not only with funding needed to upkeep the course but also with publicity to drive more interest to the course, they had recently started a ‘Hall of Fame’ fundraiser complete with a supper and dance. In its third year, Gerving proudly boasts how well-received by the community it has been so far.

Based on the honor system, the golf course is really open year round for the local town and surrounding communities. They hold weekly events such as ladies’ night on Tuesdays and men’s night on Thursdays as well as various scrambles and tournaments. Along with the events on the greens, the golf course club house can also be rented and used for other occasions such as weddings, socials, and more. Gerving is proud of the work he and other volunteers put into the course year after year and would love to see participation go back up as prior years have showed. For more information about the Crossroads Golf Course including club house rentals, visit:

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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