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Today, Mandan is a growing city passionately retaining its hometown atmosphere and history in North Dakota. Business Development & Communications Director Ellen Huber states that the City of Mandan bursts with pride when hosting special events that keep getting better and better year after year.

One of those events is Mandan’s Annual Community Clean Up Day. This event started in 2013, during the height of the Bakken, when a local advocate stepped up to the plate to take action after she noticed increased visible litter around the city along the roadways, highways, and interstate. This citizen, Amy Schmidt, spearheaded a small group of roughly 10 volunteers to pick up trash along the city’s streets. The next year, Schmidt approached the Mandan Beautification Committee knowing more could be and should be done. Since then, between the City of Mandan’s Beautification Committee and the Mandan Progress Organization (MPO) additional volunteers have been recruited, and the citywide clean-up day has grown to 200-250 volunteers annually. Huber noted that 2014 was also the year that Dakota Community Bank & Trust (DCB&T) stepped in to provide food and grilling services for all of the volunteers who participate annually in this commitment to Mandan.


Huber notes, “It is something that we are seeing families get out and do together. Grandmas and grandpas bring their grandchildren out to teach them citizenship and volunteerism.” Huber goes on thankfully to say “Businesses form teams. We see civic groups, church groups, Mandan Student Council is a regular on the scene, Boy Scout troops, sometimes 4-H clubs, and more. In any given year, we see about a dozen different groups participating plus a lot of individuals and families.” Huber remembers seeing roughly 500 bags of trash picked up in one day at the peak of Mandan’s clean-up day efforts. Huber also recalls that this last spring in 2019 one volunteer group had stayed out late diligently collecting trash. They got back in well after everyone else. All of the door prizes drawings were already given out and “Dale Pahlke reached into his pocket and handed over additional cash to be awarded as door prizes to these volunteers. It’s just an example of how he gets so personally involved in both volunteerism and giving to the community.”


“Our relationship with Dakota Community Bank & Trust goes across many areas of community involvement,” mentions Huber. Additional partnerships between the community of Mandan and DCB&T include MPO community, education, and business events and activities aimed at helping businesses thrive; DCB&T staff members volunteering on the board of directors and planning committees; sponsoring many festivals and events throughout the year in Mandan, sponsoring various facilities including the Mandan Soccer Field and Mandan Sports Complex, and on a larger scale, DCB&T is the premier sponsor of Mandan Rodeo Days. Huber continues by stating, “Dale, himself, gets personally involved in things like serving as the auctioneer for a live auction at the Mandan Progress Organization annual dinner and the bank always brings a nice crew to support that endeavor.” Lastly, “Dakota Community Bank and the commercial lenders have been excellent to work with to benefit these new and expanding businesses and their clients,” says Huber.

Huber expresses that with the help of DCB&T and many others, the Mandan Progress Organization has been able to take the Mandan Rodeo Days to another level in terms of entertainment provided to area residents and visitors. The City of Mandan proudly notes that these community partnerships not only specifically help Mandan Rodeo Days, but they have an overarching positive effect on the entire 4th of July festival including Art in the Park, the Independence Day Parade, the 10k walk/run, and more.

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The City of Mandan prides itself on the businesses, events and festivals that they have been able to bring to the community with the help of these partnerships and sponsorships. It is important to retaining the residents they have and attracting new residents with the best quality of life they can have within a community. Huber recaps by stating, “Mandan has tremendous things to offer both residents and visitors. We have approximately 750 businesses in the community and a tremendous quality of life with many things to do. It is a great place to open a business, to live, to visit, to work. If you are looking for something spicy, that’s Mandan.”

According to the City of Mandan, the Bismarck-Mandan MSA is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas (communities with populations of 50,000 or more) in the country. The area is home to an estimated 131,635 people, according to a 2016 Census estimate, up almost 15 percent since 2010.

Mandan’s future is bright. For more information on the City of Mandan including upcoming events and business updates, visit

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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