Old Red Trail

In 2008, the Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway was approved as the state’s 10th Scenic Byway after a two year application process making it North Dakota’s tenth scenic byway. The towns included in this alternative backroad route to interstate travel includes Mandan, New Salem, Almont, Glen Ullin, Hebron, Richardton, Taylor, Gladstone, and Dickinson.

Old Red Old Ten Byway

“This off-the-beaten-path route, was an attempt on our part, to attract more people into these small towns and to slow down and enjoy the view,” says Old Red Trail Committee Founding Member Robin Reynolds. Reynolds, who is also a past president and current secretary, mentions that the hardest ‘sell’ of getting people to travel Highway 10 has been to local North Dakotans. She says that she sees many visitors from out of state using the scenic byway, but that locals have a much harder time wanting to step back from an “eagle view” of the terrain and what the history behind it means. “It is people from out of state or from people who are advocates for off interstate travel who really seek it out and find value in it.”

One of the things that the Old Red Trail Committee does to help promote the Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway includes an annual city-wide rummage sale for all towns along the route. To assist with the promotion of each rummage sale along the large route, Dakota Community Bank & Trust (DCB&T) prints off photocopies each year of the map for distribution. “The printing that goes on for each town map, either in hard-copy as well as a Facebook map, has been shared and been helped considerably by Dakota Community Bank & Trust,” recalls Reynolds. She goes on to say that while many people are on smart phones to view the digital map, hundreds of hard copies are still printed off each year by DCB&T and left mostly at local gas stations and grocery stores for both locals and visitors to find.

Old Red Old Ten Byway Rummage Sale

Reynolds says she has noticed that many of DCB&T’s branches are along the Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway route in the towns of Mandan, Glen Ullin, Hebron, Taylor and Dickinson. “It’s hard to describe the number of times I have seen Dakota Community Bank & Trust show up on a flyer to help fund an event. They have also showed up on a placemat for the Old Red Trail as an ad in the past.”

The mission of the Old Red Trail Committee has been for recreational, historical and economic revitalization in the communities along Highway 10 from Mandan to Richardton, ND, by creating awareness of the Old Red Trail as an alternative to Interstate travel in western North Dakota.

As 2020 marks a decade of these annual rummage sales, Reynolds mentions that the 10th anniversary of the Old Red Old Ten rummage sale is to be held the first Saturday in June. She urges those interested to, “Use it (Highway 10) once in a while to slow down.” She also urges the public to keep an eye on Facebook and in local newspapers for advertising regarding the next annual rummage sale.

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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