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Marian Manor HealthCare Center started back in 1969 as a skilled nursing care facility with 80 beds. Located in Glen Ullin, ND, the facility is currently active at a 72 bed system running at about 93% capacity at the current time with services including long term care or rehabilitative care.

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About 20 years ago, there was a need in the community of Glen Ullin for a different level of care, a level between staying in-home and nursing home care. With that growing need, construction of the Marian Manor Estates was started in the mid 1990’s. These independent senior living apartments house 10 units connected to the Marian Manor HealthCare Center for senior citizens ages 65 and older.

Then roughly seven years ago, with the assistance of a pace loan, there was a decision to build a second building with an additional ten independent living apartments. That type of loan required local donations to further help fund the project. “I believe that was when Dakota Community Bank & Trust was involved, to donate money as the matching funds to help us be eligible for that pace loan,” says Marian Manor Administrator Sandy Gerving.

“Dakota Community Bank has always had a very positive reputation in our community. Founded from Dale Pahlke from Hebron, it is very much still a hometown bank looking to help the community as a whole. That comes across with anything they do.”

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“Marian Manor HeathCare Center providing skilled nursing care, and Marian Manor Estates providing senior apartments have fulfilled a need not only for Glen Ullin but also Hebron. Both communities have benefitted from having those services available for taking care of our seniors locally,” states Gerving. When talking about the apartment complex, Gerving says they have seen people move in from as far away as Bismarck and New Leipzig. “There are local people who want to stay within the community and this allows for that option, especially when those people still have family and friends around. It provides a safe option for family’s loved ones,” says Gerving.

The Estates’ independent living apartments have provided many other benefits than just staying local. They have also given married couples the opportunity to stay together. When one spouse may require skilled care in the nursing home, it allows for the other to live close by in the apartments and spend as much time together as husband and wife but still remain independent. Other benefits stem from when a home or yard may become too much for one to manage that it gives residents another option for independent living. The apartments have also developed an internal community friendship network within those people who live there and are next door to the clinic to receive any necessary medical care. Gerving mentions that it is a great transition for those who currently do not need nursing home level of care, that it may help with the initial adjustment from a home to a small apartment to skilled care down the road.

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More recently, the community has seen an increased need for assistant living. Gerving mentioned there are many people in the community that do not qualify for independent living but are not ready for skilled care and end up leaving the community to receive that. While there is no current option for assisted living, a potential goal in the future would be to provide that mid-level of care within the community.

As many nursing homes in the state become full and waitlisted, Gerving wants people to know that Marian Manor HealthCare Center and Marion Manor Estates are there to offer an alternative to those big city nursing homes. That it is there for those who want to stay in a smaller community. “In a smaller community, everybody knows everyone and we just try to provide that high level of care like we are taking care of family members and friends,” concludes Gerving.

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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