Mandan Girl’s Soccer Booster Club

The Mandan Braves officially launched their soccer program in 1992. Previously playing as a club, the decision was made to formally enter the NDHSAA and play as part of the WDA conference to officially compete against other local high school teams.

Mandan DCB&T Soccer Field

The Mandan Girls Soccer Booster Club’s (MGSBC) goal has been the fundraising and support of the high school and middle school Mandan Girls Soccer programs. Over the years the booster club noted the need for improvements at their soccer facility. Though the facility is on Mandan Parks & Recreation District property, the booster club supports the players who utilize the facility. So, as a collaborative effort with Mandan Public Schools, Mandan Parks & Recreation District, and Dakota Community Bank & Trust (DCB&T), the booster club set out to raise money for some additional structural necessities.

Mandan DCB&T Soccer Field Crows Nest

Funds raised from community sponsorships have helped build and fund the lights, press box, heated locker room, protection around the home and away benches, sound system, and other improvements to the newly-named Mandan’s Dakota Community Bank & Trust Soccer Field. MGSBC President Shelly Osborn notes, “Our facility has greatly improved. Not only does it benefit our girls’ soccer teams at the middle and high school levels but also the boys’ teams and club soccer activities as well. All entities have benefited in that way.”

With the accompaniments to DCB&T Soccer Field, Osborn states there have been positive improvements from the start for both players and spectators. Without a press box in the past, she declares that the addition of the heated press box alone has been a huge upgrade for announcers and reporters during the games. The press box has given them a bird’s eye view to better see the field. Now, under the press box is a heated locker room which gets the players out of the elements before, during halftime, and after the games. The locker room has also added components of both storage and privacy. The new wind barriers around the players’ benches also helps the players stay out of the elements during the games.


As soccer is somewhat of a newer sport around the area, “It’s kind of blowing up in the community now. We didn’t use to have nearly as many players. Generally for high school only, we see about 36-40 kids on our two girls teams. And it would be about the same with the boy’s teams, and the middle school teams as well,” says Osborn proudly. “It’s definitely something that is gaining momentum in our community. As a booster club, our biggest achievements have been the facility improvements as well as the success our players are finding on the field.”

 “Without Dakota Community Bank & Trust’s support this probably wouldn’t have happened, or it certainly would have been much more challenging to make happen. It shows their commitment to supporting kids and their families. It shows commitment to supporting the community as a whole,” mentions Osborn.

All parents with daughters currently involved in both the high school and middle school programs are considered members and are encouraged to come to the monthly booster club meetings. Since the soccer community is growing and thriving in Mandan, Osborn urges the local community to come out to catch a game. For more information about the MGSBC, their teams, or schedules, visit:

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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