Lincoln Police Department

The city of Lincoln’s Police Department was awarded the 2019 SafeWise Safest City in North Dakota. Chief of Police Robyn Krile couldn’t be more proud of how the police department serves their citizens. The vision for Lincoln continues to be crucial as challenges related to growth and quality of life effect the future of its citizens. As the city looks ahead to the future, the police department is on course to hire an addition police officer in 2020 accounting for a total of six officers. This will allow the police department to better serve the city of Lincoln.


With the upcoming addition of a new police officer, and the growth and safety of both the city and the nation, the Lincoln Police Department is getting six bulletproof shields for all six officers employed at the Lincoln PD as part of a sponsorship agreement with Dakota Community Bank & Trust. These bulletproof vests are finished with a high level-of-threat plate so that a rifle, or larger caliber gun, round cannot penetrate these life-saving vests.

Around the country, gun violence is on the rise. Long guns, assault rifles, and semiautomatics are getting to be more prevalent with attacks, active shooter situations and mass shootings. This donation from Dakota Community Bank & Trust will help the Lincoln Police Department be prepared. According to Chief Krile, the plan is for the police officers to wear the bulletproof vests daily, stating “You never know what you are walking into as a police officer. To be prepared right away, could save precious moments for our lives as well as other people’s lives who are involved.”

“I have been through, unfortunately, a few officer involved shootings where we had encountered people who had been armed with guns. The death of Sergeant Steve Kenner in 2011 who had been my supervisor for seven years at the time, and close friend really affected me as I was young and new in the career at the time. When you go through a situation like that, you know how close you are personally to them but you don’t realize how much it affects your community too. That hit me hard. The whole community was mourning the loss of someone, even if they didn’t know him personally, it affected everybody. It was more than just my own personal loss. It really hit me hard.”

The bulletproof vests are aimed at getting the police officers into possible life threatening situations safer and faster. The goal is that there will be no delay in stopping to put on extra necessary gear. The goal is that there will be no hesitation to be able to go into an unknown situation, knowing they have more protection for both themselves and the citizens of Lincoln. “There is always the possibility of us losing our lives. But at least, we will have more protection for us where we won’t have that second thought. Our main goal will be to save the people in that moment with whatever situation is going on,” mentions Chief Kriel. “You train for the worst and hope that it never happens. But then you are prepared for it,” she continued.

Safety for all involved is the mission. Chief Krile expressed the common interests of the City of Lincoln, Dakota Community Bank & Trust and the police department by adding “Dakota Community Bank & Trust has jumped on every opportunity to not only help the police department or the City of Lincoln, but to help the town.” The Lincoln Police Department is proud to be enthusiastically involved in the community of Lincoln. They are active in the community’s Meet & Greet with Santa Claus, the Lincoln Elementary School during recess and physical education classes, and so much more. The Lincoln Police Department is very passionate about what they do, and about the citizens and community of Lincoln. Chief Krile affirms, “They truly care about the town and the community. They are not just out there doing it for a paycheck. They are out there to make a difference in these people’s lives.”

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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