Killdeer Saddle Club

The Killdeer Saddle Club is a community-based organization focused on making the Killdeer community a better place. With the help of volunteers, the club organizes the Killdeer Mountain Roundup Rodeo, 4-H events, youth rodeos and much more. Secretary and Treasurer Stacy Steffan along with her husband Tim, current President on the Killdeer Saddle Club have been a part of the club for over 25 years and for many years was a small club of less than five members. Now, the club has sustained a membership of over 20+ members throughout the past five years, many of which have gotten involved to help the club keep going as well as grow the Killdeer Mountain Roundup PRCA Rodeo.

Killdeer Mountain Roundup

The club members noticed that the current rodeo facilities within Killdeer were no longer meeting the needs of the ever growing rodeo events. There was a lack of overall space and a lack of parking. That, paired with the growth during the bakken, led them to purchase land in 2018 to build a new arena on the outskirts of Killdeer to better fit the needs of the saddle club and all of the local rodeo events. With 2018 being the first year they were able to host events on the new grounds, Steffan claims they were able to hold an additional eight to 10 new events because of the new facility.

July 2020 will mark the Killdeer Mountain Roundup Rodeo’s 97th anniversary in Killdeer. “Because we were so involved for so many years, we just kind of knew the ins and outs of it. We take a lot of pride in keeping that going. Our goal was to do the best thing for the club and to keep it going,” mentions Steffan.

In an effort to get more sponsors for the ever-growing rodeo, the Killdeer Saddle Club approached Dakota Community Bank & Trust as well as other businesses within the community for further support. Steffan adds, “Dakota Community Bank became our corporate, or presenting title sponsor, and has for the last couple of years. It has helped tremendously.” With over 20 years of fundraising experience, she knows the importance that sponsorships have on the saddle club. She reveals that when putting on a PRCA pro-rodeo there are many regulations and rules that you have to follow that are already dictated prior to the event by outside sources, and that the sponsorships are what help fund the rodeo and keep it going. “Dakota Community Bank & Trust sees the value in it too, in the community, and promoting what we are trying to promote. People see that,” closes Steffan.

Killdeer Saddle Club Rodeo

“The saddle club has a mission to promote the western heritage of the area. It is a place for family entertainment, but it is also a place for the 4H kids, FFA kids, and the youth to have a place to practice and do their different activities free of charge. We hope the young people get involved in it a bit more,” says Steffan. She continues on to say how not only does the Killdeer Saddle Club benefit the members within it, but how it also benefits the city of Killdeer as it drives outside revenue into the community with all the many events hosted there.

Amongst the larger events like the PRCA Rodeo, the Killdeer Saddle Club also helps to sponsor and fill volunteer opportunities for other events such as the youth rodeo nicknamed the ‘showdeo’, the high school rodeo, local 4-H Achievement Days, and more.

The Killdeer Saddle Club hosts numerous rodeo and non-rodeo events throughout the year to help better the local community and give back to support other local volunteer groups. They hold meetings the first Wednesday of every month and are always looking for volunteers to help with community involved events. With the goal to continue growth, Steffan urges people to come out to take part, whether that means attending a rodeo or volunteering.

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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