Hebron Public Pool

Hebron, sometimes referred to as “The Brick City,” has a population of roughly 950 and growing. With all the little amenities Hebron has to offer, the swimming pool is a local favorite in the summer. The Hebron Memorial Swimming Pool has been operating in the small community for more than five decades. But several years ago, the City of Hebron didn’t know if that legacy would continue. The city pool needed some large repairs and funding was tight.

Hebron Public Pool

The Hebron Park Board knew they needed to fundraise to avoid the pool not opening for the summer, or even closing permanently. With a matching funds campaign in place during the city-wide community fundraising effort, Dakota Community Bank & Trust made a large contribution to the city’s pool in 2015 when they desperately needed a new boiler. Hebron Park Board Member Bryon Schatz mentioned “Our pool is a major summertime attraction for the entire community.  If we didn’t have the funds to replace the boiler, we would have had to close our pool, which has been operating for more than 50 years.”

Not only does the Hebron Memorial Swimming Pool serve the community’s daily swimmers, it also employs local teens with jobs lifeguarding. During any given summer afternoon, you will find families enjoying a swim together or a group of local women gathered for a water aerobics class. Additionally, citizens from many surrounding communities travel to Hebron to make use of the pool throughout the summer.

Schatz said “We offer swimming lessons every summer to help children learn how to swim.  Our local school utilizes the pool, for a swimming unit taught by our physical education teacher, in the beginning of the school year when the weather is still warm. Dakota Community Bank & Trust helped our pool to stay open with their major contribution to help replace the boiler.”

Enjoying Hebron Public Pool

Various members of the park board chipped in to conclude that “Our relationship with Dakota Community Bank & Trust is a great one. They continually sponsor ongoing activities that happen at our swimming pool. They can always be counted on to help support the pool which is a direct support of the people that reside in Hebron.  We are grateful for Dakota Community Bank & Trust.”

Self-coined the “greatest little city in North Dakota” Hebron continues to thrive while North Dakota is in an economic boom. Just 30 minutes from Dickinson and 60 minutes to the State Capital (Bismarck), the City of Hebron invites you to stop by for a visit, or perhaps even a swim.

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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