Hebron Lions Club


The Hebron Lions Club was established October 28, 1928 with 21 charter members and received its charter from the International Association of Lions Clubs on November 14, 1928.

For many years, the club sponsored the town’s annual Santa Claus Day and provided financial assistance to prom parties, athletic tournaments, Close-Up trips, music camps, and more. In 1932, the club also took formal action to apply for a Boy Scout troop. Troop 40 was then organized under the Missouri Valley Area Council in Bismarck. Throughout the years, they have continued in sponsoring the local Cub and Boy Scout Troops which included the building, improvements and maintenance of the Boy Scout Cabin. “It was built by the Lions basically for the Boy Scouts, which we no longer have,” states Hebron Lions Club President Joe Wanner. He continued to say that while Boy Scouts are no longer active, the cabin is now used for various Lions’ meetings and can be rented out for other community events such as family reunions.

DCB&T at Lions Club Fall Festival

The Hebron Lions Club mention that while visiting the area at the Boy Scout Cabin, you will see a replacement “swinging” bridge that was dedicated September 1996. In the 1950s, the first swinging bridge had been constructed by various members of the Hebron Boy Scouts.

During their history, the lions have been privileged to have had the support of residents and businesses within the community. Wanner mentions that the Lions rely on the businesses, such as Dakota Community Bank & Trust (DCB&T), to assist with various projects. “Dakota Community Bank & Trust has helped us fund this. They are always willing to help us. A lot of the employees at the bank were significant in helping with these projects as well.”

Another big event that the Hebron Lions Club puts on each year is the annual Fall Festival held each September. The celebration, which has been going strong since the original charter in 1928, includes a parade, quilt show, farmers market, inflatables and games for the youth, as well as food vendors. A street dance usually occurs each Fall Festival that features local talent as well as a weekend-ending rodeo. Wanner says that while they do fundraisers, Fall Festival is mostly held with the support of local businesses such as DCB&T. “They have been involved with a lot of stuff in our town, not just the Lions Club. They are very involved. We have also had a lot of Lions members and officers through the years that were employees of Dakota Community Bank & Trust. I don’t think there has ever been a time where we haven’t had at least one bank (DCB&T) lion,” says Wanner. “They have been a significant part of the Lions. They are about keeping this community going.”

DCB&T float at Hebron Fall Festival

As the club passed its 90th anniversary in 2018, they continue to serve the community with many civic duties including an annual pancake and sausage festival as well as support of other local events. As a matter of fact, the 2019 Fall Festival witnessed an increase in attendance and activity. With the club’s mission to be involved in the community, the Lions’ 91 year history mirrors that of DCB&T’s 80 year history. Through a spirit of unity, the club has been able to serve the cause of lionism in Hebron and the surrounding communities and will continue to do so.

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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