Hebron Business Club

The Hebron Business Club in Hebron, ND is just one of nearly 10 community organizations within the brick city. For decades, the business club has been comprised of roughly 30 local businesses. Jane Brandt vice president of the Hebron Business Club proudly exclaims that the club is involved in a wide array of city events each year including Watermelon Days, Santa Claus Day and more.


Years ago, the Hebron Business Club took over the sponsorship of Santa Claus Day. “Generations of Hebron children have great memories of going to a movie at the local theater, visiting with Santa and receiving treats,” mentioned Brandt. Generally held annually during the first or second weekend in December, Santa Claus Day features a vendor and craft show as well as a special visit from Santa Claus himself.

Watermelon Days is another great event that has been going on for 43 continuous years. Brandt said it’s great for Hebron’s citizens but also for many former residents who return for the weekend in July to take part in the fun. There is often a street dance featuring one of the communities many talented musicians or bands. “Free watermelon is served to everyone in the city park. Old friends reunite here. There is lots of visiting, turtle races, raw egg toss and a lot more. Members of the Hebron Business Club, many from the bank, and other businesses within the community volunteer their time each year to make sure the fun continues,” Brandt said.

Watermelon-Days DCB&T

Brandt went on to state that Dakota Community Bank & Trust has had numerous employees throughout the years that have been active in the club. She mentioned that throughout the years the bank has not only contributed financially but also by their employees putting in countless volunteer hours. “The bank has always encouraged their employees to become involved in community projects. It is greatly appreciated by all of us. There are many events held in Hebron where you look up and see Dale Pahlke walking through the crowd smiling, chatting, and shaking hands with adults and children alike. His support has been appreciated. Although everyone realizes he is a very busy man, he seems to find the time to travel from Bismarck to Hebron to be present.”

Fort Sauerkraut Hebron Business Club

Brandt also mentioned that all of the volunteers throughout the community make every project successful by working together so that the project is done. One project she is most proud of was the reconstruction of Fort Sauerkraut. In 2004, the Hebron Business Club along with volunteers from the community reconstructed the original fort site that was built in November 1892. It is said that the original fort was only occupied about two to three weeks. It stood for a time and then either fell down or was destroyed. How Fort Sauerkraut received its name is not known for sure, but the Hebron Business Club does know there is quite a story behind the fort.

Just two other past projects have included a “Soups On” cook-off in the month of March, and relocation of one of the first boulders at the original settlement site of the city, which is located about 1.5 miles from the current city of Hebron. Upcoming projects for the business club include landscaping, grooming of trees and shrubs, adding large planters with colorful flowers, and revitalizing a shelter within Lion’s Park on Hebron’s main street. For more information on Hebron’s Fort Sauerkraut (link to story jane provided) or the city of Hebron, please visit: https://hebronnd.org/.

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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