Dunn County 4-H

Katie Eggen current Dunn County 4-H Council president has spent most of her entire life involved in 4-H. Starting when she was eight years old, extending into college, and now beyond – her passion for 4-H runs deep not only within herself but within her entire immediate family. The Dunn County’s 4-H program includes the cities of Dodge, Dunn Center, Halliday, Killdeer, Manning, and Marshall resulting in fluctuating membership. Dunn County’s 4-H program in 2019 consisted of 61 members. 

DCB&T Sponsoring Dunn Co 4-H

Dakota Community Bank & Trust (DCB&T) proudly supports 4-H in southwestern North Dakota. Specifically for Dunn County 4-H, DCB&T provides the meal and grills annually for the premium sale buyers, 4-H participants, and their families at Dunn County Achievement Days as well as during the static exhibit days. Eggen states, “Dakota Community Bank & Trust has also donated to our silent auction when we do our annual fundraiser, and helps contribute in any way that helps support the Dunn County 4-H Council.” Eggen recalls, DCB&T being involved with Dunn County 4-H long before she became president six years ago, “Even when I was a 4-H member, Dakota Community Bank had bought my premiums. I believe they have been involved since 4-H was established in the Dickinson area.”

Dunn County Achievement Days is held once a year where the 4-H participants showcase their livestock and projects to the public that they have worked hard on throughout the 4-H year. Eggen credits DCB&T as well as their other sponsors and supporters to the success of the 4-H program stating that the money raised as a nonprofit all goes right back into the program to help the 4-H kids be actively involved by assisting them by going to various camps, National 4-H Congress trips, granting the participants awards based on their successes and more.

Dunn Co 4-H

Eggen’s personal goal is to help the youth in Dunn County be successful. She feels that is DCB&T’s goal as well – to help the youth in all of southwest North Dakota. Eggen has seen several of her own participants become very successful within 4-H, including a: participant being qualified to go to National 4-H Congress after an extensive process, participants competing well at the overall state level, and another participant going on to win DCB&T’s Foundation Female Program. “The level of confidence that this gives those kids is really what 4-H is about, to help them succeed.”

Dunn County 4-H is happy to provide experiences where their young people learn by doing. They complete hands-on projects in positive environments where they receive guidance and encouragement – helping their 4-H’ers to grow into true leaders. As a non-profit, they are most proud of their participants’ numerous ongoing efforts in local community service projects including building benches, planting trees and flowers, supplying Thanksgiving baskets to the less fortunate, organizing food drives for local food pantries, and more.

For more information on the nationwide 4-H program, please visit: https://4-h.org/. If you are interested in learning more about Dunn County 4-H and all of the wonderful things they are doing, go to: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/dunncountyextension/dunn-county-4-h.

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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