City of New Leipzig

In a town of about 220, Mayor Scott Ostenson’s goal is to keep the town of New Leipzig running smoothly ensuring a high quality of life for its citizens. Being fairly new to the city of New Leipzig, from about five years prior, this goal, he quickly found, wasn’t always easy when it comes to funding without wanting to tax those 200+ citizens.

New Leipzig Water-Tower

About three years ago, the City of New Leipzig needed new software to update their water meter readings. The cost – over $10,000. Mayor Ostenson mentioned that the mayor at the time had reached out to Dakota Community Bank & Trust (DCB&T) to see if they could get any sort of sponsorship towards the needed software. After a few days, Branch President Ryan Roth came back and said that DCB&T would cover the full cost. “The help they gave us at that time was a really big deal. It allowed us to move forward. This new software allowed us to not have to go update each individual house. It was so expensive because it tied back into our old system, so we were able to keep what we had,” recalls Mayor Ostenson.

Now armed with an updated system for billing as well as individual handheld meters, it might not seem like it was initially a huge benefit to those citizens of New Leipzig. However, Mayor Ostenson mentions, “Without the software, one of the other options would have been to replace all the meters, which would have affected every house in New Leipzig. The other option would have been that the city workers would have had to go into each house to read each meter, which would have been a pain for everybody involved.” He continued saying how outdated the previous software was and that, though, it may have had the biggest benefit on the city’s workers, it also was a huge proactive approach for the entire city.

Self-named the ‘Small Friendly German town on the Dakota Prairie,’ New Leipzig has many various recreational activities and services available for its citizens. One of the biggest events they hold is their annual Oktoberfest event. This event, assisted by community sponsors including DCB&T, is going to celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020. Another popular event is the town’s annual Christmas lighting. The City of New Leizpig, started in 1910, does its best to continue meeting the needs of its people providing as many services as possible, while striving to become a true home for its residents.

“It’s a great quiet community with a lot of great people there. We all stick together and help each other out.” The same is true for Dakota Community Bank & Trust. Mayor Ostenson finalizes, “Without Dakota Community Bank & Trust in town… and the fact that they are in a town that small shows that they care about the rural community. They care about the towns they are in. They care about the hospital and about the school and others too.”

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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