Brick City Senior Citizens

The Brick City Senior Center in Hebron, ND proves that getting older doesn’t mean you stop living. The group is made up of approximately 40+ members annually. Leona Staiger, now president of the organization, has been an active member of the senior citizen center for many years. Annual fees of $10, along with community donations, help contribute to the organization’s general fund to pay for the building’s expenses, insurance, meals, and so forth.

With the reduction in funding, the senior citizen center no longer employs a cook. With this more recent change, they work with the Glen Ullin Senior Center to supply Hebron’s seniors with hot meals Monday through Friday. The Hebron Senior Nutrition Program which provides meals to roughly 12 Hebron residents daily, not only supplies the actual center but also seniors with meals-on-wheels home delivery options. “Sometimes we have as many as 16 people,” recalls Staiger. When the program faced a lack of funds and was to be discontinued, Dakota Community Bank & Trust contributed to the program to provide nutritional meals to the community’s residents due to that reduction in mill levy funding.

Their services not only include nutritional meals, but also life enrichment events as well as the social activities. Dakota Community Bank & Trust has contributed financially for the senior citizens to take trips to the Medora Musical and other various activities. Other trips they have taken include going to Garrison, ND to partake in the Dickens Village Festival, to The Emter’s by Steele, ND, and many more. Staiger laughs “Dakota Community Bank & Trust is always a good supporter when we have our annual pie social in the spring. The bank patronizes us very well – they buy a lot of pies and we are grateful for that. They do a good job in supporting the community in different ways. You have helped our center.”


She is concerned about the long-term future of the senior citizen center mentioning that they will have to review donations and possibly look to apply for grants to keep their doors open and the meals provided. What may seem like minor maintenance to the building, sometimes ends up costing them greatly. Staiger mentions that there is a lot of upkeep when you own a building, but she seems confident that the community will continue to help and support them when the time comes.

Research has proven that older adults who socialize regularly live longer and healthier lives. The Brick City Senior Center is a great place for senior citizens to come together to socialize. It is a place to gather, network, and where they become involved, not only, in each other’s lives but in Hebron’s community. “It’s a fun place to be. It gives a lot of us somewhere to go. It gives us a place to communicate.” Potlucks every month, birthday celebrations every month, cards and games daily, and sporadic entertainment help them to celebrate both big and little things in life. Now isn’t that what it is all about?

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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