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In their fourth year, the Bismarck Bucks are looking to 2020 with hopes accompanied by some big changes in employed personnel, players, and an overall game plan.

After initially being involved with BEK’s broadcasting services as a minority owner, the Bismarck Bucks are now under complete ownership of BEK Communications. Not only is that a major change for the indoor football team stationed in our Capital City, but the Bucks have also transitioned from being in the CIF (Champions Indoor Football) to the IFL (Indoor Football League). The IFL is the biggest football league, other than the NFL, in the entire country and is continuing to grow.

“Dakota Community Bank & Trust is a large sponsor of the Bucks and have been a sponsor since they moved to town,” mentions BEK Chief Financial Officer Brandon Vaughan. “The bank has always been a big supporter of the Bucks, but you also see Dakota Community Bank & Trust at nearly every event.” Not only has Dakota Community Bank & Trust contributed monetarily, but also in sponsored swag given out before, during, or after the Bucks’ home games.


Vaughan credits Dakota Community Bank & Trust and all of the Bismarck Bucks various sponsors to the growth of the organization. The local interest in Bismarck/Mandan and surrounding communities, along with the broadcasting and streaming reach of BEK’s network has also proven successful for the overall growth of the Bucks. Vaughan also stated that some growth has seemed to come from the high quality broadcasting capabilities of BEK, mentioning “From the player’s aspect, we have had a lot of them tell us they chose to come to the Bismarck Bucks because of how well we video the games. That gives them the video clips they need to put together to use to make it to the next level.”

The Bismarck Bucks’ mission is to transition from a rough-and-tough audacious event, to a kid-friendly atmosphere complete with mini games, freebees, and more. To aid in this mission, the Bucks are becoming more involved off the field as well. The football players are looking to be more involved in the local community in terms of school visits, community service, and more.


Vaughan proudly exclaims “I hope the community sees the value in being able to get out and do something as a family together away from the television and electronics of the world… to have those moments together. This gives families something else to do in March and April in North Dakota.” As Vaughan looks to 2020, he mentions “It’s going to be a fun season. I think this is our turning year where we can have both a better experience on the field and a better experience in the stands.”

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Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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