Apple Creek School

Apple Creek School #1

Most likely named from a stream nearby, Apple Creek School is located east of Bismarck just off of Apple Creek Road and 93rd Street SE. With the school district’s roots dating back to 1878, Apple Creek School #1 is the only school that remains out of the original three.

Starting as a one room school, it has since expanded to additional buildings and is now a full-fledged kindergarten through grade 5 elementary school with close to sixty students in all. With a teacher for each grade, each class averages 13 students with a seven to one student-teacher ratio. Candace Hasper, PTO member and previous school board member, states, “The school is like one big family. Everybody knows everybody. Everybody takes care of everybody. It’s a great little community.”

Apple Creek School used to hold a back-to-school live auction fundraiser in which Dakota Community Bank & Trust (DCB&T) would donate an auction item. But in more recent years, they moved away from that fundraiser and instead have a back-to-school open house night where DCB&T brings their commercial grill to serve hamburgers and hotdogs for the families and staff of Apple Creek School on an annual basis.

“It is a good way for students and new families to come in to meet their teachers, meet other families, get a vibe for how the school works, and because we are such a family school, everybody just sits and visits until it is dark outside. Dakota Community Bank & Trust has been very gracious to donate their time and supplies for us to be able to continue this event, this family supper. It reminds me of a big Italian family Sunday supper,” maintains Hasper.

“Dakota Community Bank & Trust is like a small town bank. They greet you and call you by name. They have a personal feel. You have the small-town community feel, and every time you go around the community, you see them doing something for somebody. They give back which is great.”

Hasper says that with her two children who have attended Apple Creek School, she truly feels the school has been instrumental in their success and that while the school may be small, it does not lack in high quality education. Hasper believes it has many of the same offerings as other schools in the area and that Apple Creek School has been fundamental with her children’s one on one time with teachers, getting them extra time and extra help, and getting them to thrive. “I can’t pinpoint one great thing about the school. There are just so many great things. We shouldn’t be overlooked just because we are a small country school,” she maintains.

Apple Creek School-buildings

She goes on to say that with the school being over 100 years old, it is wonderful to still see the support of those in community that want to continue to see the school be a success and thrive. With growing numbers, expanding curriculum, and additional extracurricular programs, the school continues to turn out independent, community-minded students.

Written by Lindsey Hefta, Marketing Director

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