Consumer Loan Application


Welcome and thank you for your interest in servicing your consumer loan needs with Dakota Community Bank & Trust. You may wish to prepare and collect the following items for each applicant before starting the application:

  • Social Security Number
  • Previous Address (If less than 2 years at present address)
  • Employer Information
    • Contact Information
    • Gross Annual Salary
  • Previous Employer Information (If less than 2 years at present employer)
  • Rent/Mortgage Information, including Landlord or Mortgage Holder information
  • Name and contact information for nearest relative not living with you
  • Account Information (checking, savings, certificates, investments), including name of holding bank and balances
  • Current Loan Obligations
    • Creditor
    • Name on the Account
    • Original Amount
    • Present Balance
    • Monthly Payment

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We are currently unable to service loans secured by dwellings through our Online Loan Application.

To apply for a dwelling secured loan, please print and return this PDF version of our Dwelling Secured Loan Application or contact one of our Dakota Community Bank & Trust locations for more assistance.

Thank you for your understanding!


Loan Information

Please select the branch and loan officer that you wish to handle your application.

By selecting joint, both applicants certify they intend to apply for a joint loan and agree to provide the following information.


Applicant Information


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Other Information

Current Loan Obligations

Current Assets Owned


Terms and Submit

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Insurance Disclosure For Credit Application

IMPORTANT: Do not acknowledge this disclosure until you carefully read and understand its content

You have submitted an application for a loan. In connection with your loan application, the Lender (Dakota Community Bank, N.A.) may be soliciting, offering to sell, or will sell you an insurance product or annuity. General law requires the Lender to provide you with the following disclosures.

  1. The Lender, as a condition of grating you a loan, cannot require that you purchase an insurance product or annuity from the Lender or any of its affiliates.
  2. The Lender, as a condition for granting you a loan, cannot require your agreement not to obtain or prohibit you from obtaining an insurance product or annuity from an unaffiliated entity.

Please print or save a copy of this disclosure for your records; alternatively you can return to this application to view the disclosure again.
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