Dakota Community Bank & Trust’s Foundation Female Program

Foundation Female Program

The Foundation Female Program was established to award recipients with an INTEREST FREE LOAN (0% APR) to purchase five bred heifers and assist area youth in establishing their own cattle herd.

To apply, applicants must fit the following:

  • Applicants must reside within a 100 mile radius of any DCB&T branch
    • If you are unsure of your location, please contact your nearest DCB&T.
  • Applicants must be youth currently enrolled in 7th or 8th grade and at least 13 years of age by application deadline.

The Foundation Female Program is structured as follows for the winning recipients:

  • Winning applicant must complete a loan application and have a qualified adult, parent or legal guardian co-signer
  • Dakota Community Bank & Trust will grant an interest free loan to the winner to purchase five (5) bred heifers of the winners selection at the current market price*
  • The term of the loan will be for five (5) years beginning at the time of purchase and maturing on that calendar date after 60 months
  • Repayment of the loan will be deferred for the first year with a payment schedule set forth as follows:
    • 20% repayment due at the end of year two (2)
    • 20% repayment due at the end of year three (3)
    • 20% repayment due at the end of year four (4)
    • 40% repayment due at the end of year five (5)

*Purchases to be pre-screened by DCB&T. Heifers cannot be purchased from the recipients parents or from an operation they are currently involved in.

To apply, qualified individuals must fill out an application.
Applications are available at all DCB&T branches or you can print one here.


For more information or questions, call your local Dakota Community Bank & Trust contact listed below:

  • Bismarck/Lincoln: Mitch Bender @ 701-222-9605
    • Jeff Blees @ 701-222-9142
  • Bowman: Tiffany Kees @ 701-523-9000
  • Dickinson: Kylee Goroski @ 701-227-4000
    • Michelle Fitterer @ 701-227-4000
  • Hebron: Travis Hande @ 701-456-3404
  • Glen Ullin: Jeanne Voegele @ 701-348-3001
  • Mandan: Katie Muggli @ 701-667-0507
  • New Leipzig/Mott: Ryan Roth @ 701-584-2075
  • Taylor: Vickie Solemsaas @ 701-974-2101